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Aidan, post: 123397 wrote:
We must remember that Google is not the internet. Google does however have a good index of the web and if we want to gain something for free from Google’s hard work, we’ll have to play by the rules Google sets.

We must also remember that G owes us approximately nothing.. zip.. nada. Its their index and they can do whatever they want with it, anytime.

G is absolutely within its rights to change the value of some links in its own algorithms. Again it’s their engine, not ours.

The fact its devaluing the ‘easy’ links is great for those with good links. It means the genuine links count for more. Have credible links and G will take it as a signal of quality – that’s great isn’t it?

Now if you don’t want to play by the current (and future) Google rules, that is your right but don’t expect much from G in the way of free traffic – why on earth should they give it for free to you?

I’ve said it many times, I think G can make much more moola out of its SE than it does, if it were my business I’d ensure that everything on the first page was benefitting me in one way or another.

G is a business, not a charity, let us all understand that. Amen

Aiden, sounds like the “Google Gospel”. In saying that, it’s been a healthy discussion and will be interesting to see how many more link strategies Google diminishes in the near future. When you think about it, all linking methods can be used to manipulate, even the so-called good ones.