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Couple It, post: 118268 wrote:
I’m wondering how many complaints ASIC have received already.

My company shows the correct business names.

But I personally show two that were transferred to my company over three months ago (and are showing against the company), one which was cancelled four years ago, and one which was cancelled twenty years ago – yes !! 1992 !!!

*sigh* looks like I’ll be on the phone next week.

Wendy :)

I imagine a few!! Although, this particular matter of the names/addresses being published might not be known to most. I have been receiving updates on the system for months and don’t remember this being noted!

ASIC have migrated more than 80 million records to this new system so it is possible some information is not fully updated/available just yet… they have also apparently received more than 5700 new applications since Monday, which is 3-4 times more than the average under the old systems.. so, no doubt they are nice & busy!

I would keep checking the database over the next week or two before spending time on the phone with them… I did a search on your name and am seeing that it links over to your company, with 2 business names that I imagine are current names for you and not cancelled names… so, it might just be taking a little bit of time to get all the details up to date…