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It says sole traders can have their home address withheld,

Yes – but only from the principal place of business address – which is listed separately to the address for service… this will be published in full.

we can’t use a PO Box for service of documents

This is probably the part that is most confusing to me. In some many other areas (take trademark registration for example) the address for service can be a PO Box.

I’m curious to know the reasons why people are so concerned about having their residential address publicly available?

My concern is the lack of ‘warning’ that this was going to happen. Previously these details were not published and really nothing was said about the fact they would be. (I don’t have a business name so not affecting me one way or another).

If you’re a company director your residential address is on the ASIC register.

Yes, but not immediately published/available when searching on the company name. If you search on my company name for example, you can see the locality (suburb/state) of the Company… you don’t automatically see that I am the director, nor does my residential address appear when searching on the company name… A person would have to request this information about my company (and yes, via that extract would know all about me) but it’s not published straight to the register… (Unless I am missing a whole search option somewhere?)

As noted above, I am still not sure why a PO Box cannot be used for address for service, as this is the published address. Allowing a PO Box here would resolve so many concerns for those that don’t wish to have their home addresses so easily available (for what ever reason)… it doesn’t seem that the address for service information can be suppressed, making it quite difficult – potentially scary I imagine – for anyone that has valid reasons not to want their details so easily seen.