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kathiemt, post: 122357 wrote:
Ohhh, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s because we don’t want uninvited visitors for whatever reason. Not everyone who works from home has clients come to their home. Many have equipment in their homes that they don’t want to publicise is there. Many women wouldn’t want people to know where their homes are if they’re home alone constantly. Many other reasons, particularly if they live in suburbs. Further out in regional areas might not be such a problem but I know many women who work from home, alone or with young children, and they just don’t share their address with their clients at all.

Sorry, I don’t get the chain of causation. This may make me very unpopular but here’s my view…

The fact that information is on a public register doesn’t make people go look for it – unless they have a particular purpose. I’m not sure that the simple fact that people can find your address will result in you getting uninvited visitors … do non-retail businesses who openly publish their office address get uninvited visitors? I don’t.

If a client wants to find your location then it’s more likely that they’ll give you a call or look on your website. It would be odd for a client to instead search the business names register, find your address for service (as opposed to your principal place of business) and then rock up and say ‘surprise’.

Now if someone really wants to find you, whether for legitimate reasons (e.g. personal service of legal process) or illegitimate reasons, they will find you anyway – whether it’s through a business name search, company search, electoral roll search, car rego search, or title search.

kathiemt, post: 122357 wrote:
I/we (many of the women I work with) feel it’s a breach of our privacy and we should be allowed to make that decision. It’s like the rules have been changed and we haven’t been given a choice.

Hang on, you choose to be in business. You choose to trade under a business name that isn’t your own name. You choose to work from home. But you want your business details to be private?

There’s a pretty strong public interest argument that businesses should not be able to hide behind a business name (that’s why we have the business names registration regime) and that at least their principal place of business or address for service should be a matter of public record.

I agree with the point that failing to fully warn people about a change in the status quo is dumb.