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..that at least their principal place of business or address for service should be a matter of public record.

I do agree with this, and with the points Victor has made… I am still puzzled, as said before, why the Address for Service cannot be a PO Box in this instance. Right/Wrong, Logical/Illogical etc etc there are going to be business owners that don’t care for their residential addresses, which are also their address for service being so easily obtainable. Without being able to appoint their PO Boxes this does leave them in a bit of pickle, potentially needing to engage services to act as address for services at additional fees etc.. bringing me full circle to one of my original points – some warning might have been nice!

do non-retail businesses who openly publish their office address get uninvited visitors? I don’t.

*cough cough* the following is disclaimed as continuing an interesting discussion and not ‘picking on you’ :)

Here’s how handy having full address details up online can be….. yes, ok you openly publish your office address at websites etc for your business (Markwell) and perhaps you don’t get uninvited guests.

Looking at the details on the register, I wonder then why you use your Markwell office address at another website of yours, which you have registered the associated business name… instead of using the address that is actually shown as the business address on the register? My immediate thought is that the address on the business register is your home address, hence choosing not to publish it on the associated website.

Perhaps you don’t really care that your home address is openly published on the register- but at some point you have cared enough (it seems) to not display it online yourself, so, I suppose those not wishing home addresses to openly appear on the register have really just gone a step further by not wanting it anywhere so easily accessible, where as you have decided that for you the business register is ok but your own website is not?

(Of course, I may simply be looking an old address for your other business name and not a residential address at all – in which case my entire waffle ceases to be relevant! ;))