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@ Victor – yes, I meant the blog.

When I look at the associated business registration, the address is not a PO Box there, and is not the same as Markwell’s registered address – leaving me to assume it’s a residential address.

Not suggesting it doesn’t make sense to use professional address/phone details at the site… but, really – how would a reader know if you used the ‘registered address’ that it’s either a home or business address? Given that it’s unlikely that people reading the blog will visit uninvited…. Point stands that you chose (for whatever reason) not to publish the registered business address at the website…

You’re also allowed to come round to my residential address uninvited … as long as its to babysit the kids…

Ha! How handy if those details could accompany the address on the register. “This address may be used by anyone so long as it’s to babysit, mow the lawn, cook dinner etc etc”

Anyhoo – will leave you alone now ;)

Think we’ve got a bit of track… and, can all agree that the lack of notice (or choice) that such details would be published is not sitting right for a lot of people.