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NathanB, post: 118229 wrote:
Nothing but net! Go spurs!

Sorry JN, I have no doubt you love and believe in the product you have, but the business model you are entering bares more heartache than success. If you do end up doing well, than I congratulate you, sincerely.

I call it like it see i see it, i am a whale biologist.

Also, your preamble about your circumstances is very “network marketing” if I may say so.

You are a tough adviser. You appear to enjoy adding that little something extra. Not sure how distinguishing my career & a potential idea is network marketing… Simply explaining a business I know well to an industry I know little about that seemed like a good challenge! Not asking for innuendo.
Perhaps you are the Simon Cowell of Flying Solo?. ha! Ha!
Have a nice weekend. We both live in Vic so rug up.