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CondorCreative, post: 118906 wrote:
Isn’t it obvious? lol

IE are always behind with things and always have the most compatibility issues and the less people that use it, the better.

Being a software vendor is a tricky thing. It’s a delicate balancing act. On one side you have a need to innovate and on the other you have a responsibility to your existing customer base.

Back when you were a hobby web developer (as per your website’s about page), I was selling large scale commercial development tools for web, desktop, midrange IBM servers etc.

Back then, Me$$ySoft were the young bucks while IBM were seen as slow and yesterday’s news. Today, they’re now the elder statesmen of IT while Google, Facebook, et. al. are seen as young, quick to market and vibrant.

In 15 years from now another new breed will have come along and today’s young lions will be buried under the weight of their own product catalog and the responsibility they are so desperately trying to garner today. And they too will move slowly and deliberately, as all those who’ve gone before them now do.

Applaud the demise of IE if you like, but one “evil empire” has been replaced by another and nothing has really changed.

Still, The King is Dead. Long live The King and all that.