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DAN_KOL, post: 118518 wrote:
So the million dollar questions.. as an importer/distributor forcasting the AUD is a biggy for me…

Whats every one thoughts on where the the dollar is heading? will it hang around parity or will it be weakening any time soon?

In 2003 I was at the SCG watching The Ashes and listening to my fellow Poms in the bleachers singing “We get $3 to the pound”

AUD has doubled in value since then, but not until 2009 did it take a big leap: right about the time the credit crunch bit.

At some point in the future, confidence will increase and AUD will big to fall as it won’t look anywhere near as good. Falling interest rates won’t help either.

Here’s the AUD history for the last 20 years. Sobering reading for those hoping to maintain what can only be an artificial high caused by everyone looking comparatively terrible.