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Hi Tracy,

I was just looking through the forum and found your post.

I work for Sites n Stores and found some of the comments on here a bit off the mark. We sell entry level websites from as little as $397 so obviously there are going to be restrictions.

But we certainly don’t rip people off.

I’ve been here for about a year and part of my job is to source testimonials from customers. Almost everyone who is asked sends in a positive reference, so we now have a list of satisfied customers in the thousands.

Now, with the help of our support team, I am currently looking for any ex-clients who feel our service fell short of expectations in order to fix up any outstanding issues (that’s how I ended up here).

If anyone out there has a problem, I would ask that you contact us. Also, Matthew Keath…..please send over details of any unhappy clients so we can address their issues, or pass on the message to get in touch via email to the directors of the company (http://www.sitesnstores.com.au/tell-the-boss.php).

I’d say to anyone else reading this, by all means check the Whirlpool forum. Just don’t assume that’s the full story. Sites n Stores isn’t a faceless machine, it’s made up of real people with real jobs and we do actually give a damn about the clients we deal with.