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novice7825, post: 209888 wrote:

I am trying to find a chinese dressmaker who can help me with my uni design project. I need to find someone who will be able to make really small samples as i am just starting out and also need a few samples for my final project.

Do you recommend your chinese manufacturer?


Hi Bec

Welcome, not sure if you noticed but this is a really old post – like almost 3 years now so you may not get any major replies from OP… May i make a suggestion?

Head across to the intro yourself section and tell us what you are doing etc re Uni, then jump into the relevant section and search for some newer threads talking about manufacturers for fashion etc and LOW MOQ’s as this is a common topic.

If you are seeking advice on a manufacturer, ask that.. although it may pay to advise total run + how many variations + how many sizes (and what) per variation…

Hope this gets you started..

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