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I often get invitations to purchase domains that are similar to ones I already own… at a price.

I once had a lady in the US tell me to get a .com as they’re the only real domains. She was annoyed that she would get email meant for me as she had the .com version of my .com.au domain (I’d been unable to purchase it back in 1996). I chose to ignore her and continued on with what I was doing. A few years later she decided to close up shop and do something else and offered the domain to me for free. I own it today and it points to my main website, in case anyone uses the old fashioned word ‘secretary’ these days. Some still do as my stats show me.

If you can afford it and it relates to your business then go ahead, but if it’s out of your reach you can either say ‘no thankyou’ or ignore them. Or, you could go to a domain registrar and call up that name and see if you can put it on back order. The difference in price might be considerable and more attractive.