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Divert To Mobile, post: 122224 wrote:
My knowledge on seo is very limited
but when i search internet marketing in google
first page results are;
4/10 contain the words internet marketing
2/10 contain the word marketing without the word internet.

its probably a newbe method of gaining rank and it may not work for ever but why would the seo crowd be arguing that there is no seo weight to the domain name?
You hit on another problem with chasing keywords in domain names.

The search example you give is so non-specific that SEs can’t generate relevant results. Eg: If I’m a Brisbane based potential client, I’m not seeing any relevant results down as far as #8.

What most people then do is change their search phrase. As they add more words, the numbers of keywords that could be used in a domain name escalates. You will also find that they then occur less frequently in the top 10 search results. The ranking importance of the words in the domain name are now being over powered by the thousand other ranking factors.

In my experience ranking #1 for a search phrase like “internet marketing” may only generate 5% of a site’s SE traffic but that non-specific phrase usually has a higher bounce rate and shorter time on site than more specific and targeted search phrases.

I’m not saying that a search word in a domain name does not receive “ranking points”, it does. I’m saying that in my humble opinion, relying on keyword-rich domain names are not an efficient, long term SEO strategy.