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Neddy, post: 122813 wrote:
…all I’m going to do is post an infographic from arguably the most successful domain owner / developer in the world.

Frank Schilling is his name – and he is widely respected by his peers (and others).

domainnamesales.com/domains-101. It is worth a look imho.
You appear to be selling domain names.

Sorry, but your post seems to offer out of date and therefore mis-informed information. The infographic you reference is particularly out of date.

If you are trying to convince people to buy keyword domain names then it all falls into a heap because it starts with “cupcakes.com”.

“Cupcakes.com” does not rank in the top 10 search results on Google. There are squillions of examples where keyword domains do NOT rank top 10.

Google appears to be demoting the importance of this attribute in its ranking results.

If your business model is based on this, then you may find you have serious problems.