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JohnW, post: 122982 wrote:
You appear to be selling domain names.

Sorry, but your post seems to offer out of date and therefore mis-informed information. The infographic you reference is particularly out of date.

If you are trying to convince people to buy keyword domain names then it all falls into a heap because it starts with “cupcakes.com”.

John, you should perhaps read my post again.

In particular, I said:

I’m not going to make any comment or give my opinion – all I’m going to do is post an infographic from arguably the most successful domain owner / developer in the world.

Sure, the infographic is old. Sure there are some examples on there that are either “tongue in cheek” or out of date – or not relevant.

But the message it is trying to get across is if you can acquire the best cyber real estate address (domain name), then do so. “Category Killers” will always sell far better than non category killers.

And if you don’t believe Frank Schilling as an expert on the matter, Google him.

So now that you have got me giving my opinion ;), if you have a brand or service, then my advice is to buy the best domain you can to reflect that business.

And if you can’t afford that, then buy a brandable; work it hard – and get your traffic that way. They can become gold mines as well (but it is a lot harder work). See example below.

And yes, I buy, develop and sell domains. It is my passion, and I think I’m reasonably good at it. :) (Just like I’m sure you are reasonably good at SEO).

One of my best sales in recent times was MoneyBuddy.com.au for nearly $100,000 which was covered here. This was a combo keyword / slang word i.e. a brandable.

Cheers, Ned