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Neddy, post: 123047 wrote:
So now that you have got me giving my opinion ;), if you have a brand or service, then my advice is to buy the best domain you can to reflect that business.

I have absolutely no disagreement with this statement. Depending on the registrar, it will cost around $25 per year to achieve this. If your business name is “ABC” and you are accountants, then register the domain abcaccountants.com.au or similar.

Admittedly there is ambiguity in the original post but I believe most of us have taken it to revolve around, “Does a keyword rich URL really make that much of a difference?”

In this case the “difference” being requested was $2k just for the domain name. This would seem to suggest that the poster may have been offered a domain like accountantsmelbourne.com.au. If this is so and you support this as a particularly valuable domain name, then we part company in agreeing on what is the best domain name for the business.

The SEOs here are saying that the importance of keywords in domain names in generating relevant generic SE referrals is limited, has been reduced and may be further reduced in future.

If you post a link here, I believe most people would see this as some form of inferred comment, recommendation or opinion about its content.

You referenced a web page on one of Mr Schilling’s websites. He is reported to be one of the largest purchasers of domain names in the world. He is speculating that there are enough people out there with enough money for him to turn presumably, $20 domain name registrations into something more than he paid for them and he has multiple websites out there promoting his business. Can this be an unbiased reference on the subject under discussion?

He has a vested interest in talking up the value of domain names. Does your referenced page offer any justification other than there are supposedly people who have forked out big dollars for some of them? Not that I saw.

All I can tell is that most of the keyword rich domains cited in it either don’t rank in the top 10 on Google or they have been set up as simple redirects to the purchasers’ websites. (i.e. Google can’t index them.) What value this redirect setup provides, I have no idea. :)