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Hi John – I’m glad you replied. I love a good debate – particularly when it is not rancorous. :)

Perhaps though in some way we are at cross purposes. ;)

I haven’t quoted your individual snippets, because there are too many.

We are talking cyber property here – and just like real estate, there are good addresses, and there are “lesser” addresses.

If I can afford it, I’d rather invest in the best address. And it doesn’t matter if it’s the worst house in the best street.

And the undeniable fact is that all the prime cyber property in Australia has already been acquired – and if someone wants a particular name, then hand registration at $25 is not an option. You have to buy on the aftermarket – and pay market rates. Simple supply and demand principles apply.

Purchasing a prime cyber property is not an expense imho – it is purchasing an asset. It is always going to be worth something.

Please allow me to give a couple of examples (forgive me if they sound silly – but I’m just trying to highlight the principle).

Which of these domains would be preferable in the long term?

If you were a trademark expert, which would you prefer?

FredBlogsTrademarkExperts.com.au – cost $25


TrademarkExperts.com.au – cost $475

Or if you were a major heater manufacturer or big retail supplier, which would you prefer?

HomeHeatingSolutions.com.au – cost $25


Heaters.com.au – $6500

Disclaimer: I own Heaters.com.au and it is for sale on Netfleet! :)

As a stakeholder, investor and developer in the domain name space in Australia, I will always try and get the best address.

Cheers, Ned