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Hey Von

nice post..

sharing containers can also be a pain with paperwork, fumigation, Bill of Lading etc etc etc… Yes it would be cheaper to share, although if you find someone bringing a container in they tend to use the whole container to make it worthwhile as well..

What was the CBM of the parcel?

As flower-child (hi flower) has mentioned the clearing process can be expensive for your item, also the fumigation if the container isnt already being fumigated and the likes…. may still be a better option to fly it in… less paperwork, lodgement fees etc…

if you want to chat to someone in logistics who can point you in the right direction you can contact CAT- at CAT-GLC who is a member here.. She has always had great input and nice posts.. her profile is here: http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/forums/members/cat-glc.html

Good luck, keep us advised..


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