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AgentMail, post: 118919 wrote:
Hi Jazzah,

I hate to refer to old faithful :) but pick up a copy of the yellow pages (or of course just google it), find the pages for cake makers locally and just call them. I guarantee that a number will be working from home, and would love the opportunity to have a display etc. at your place. (They may not be able to bake onsite because of licencing etc. but you never know)

Second, go to your local kids clothes/toy store and ask the question – could you use a display/storage space/office within an affiliated business premises.

Until you ask the question, you will never know. If you have space, that is the first thing I would be looking to fix – don’t pay for any more than you need. At the moment you are trying to recoup the cost of this against your parties, and if your parties are not utilising that space, you are instantly on a back foot from a profit perspective

Mmm the thing is there are no specialist kids stores in this area. They only have Pumpkin Patch, Toyworld etc….unless I go to Mornington…I think they have 1 or 2