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Ahh, that makes more sense – definitely can tell you do parties with this website ;) – maybe still have a little more ‘obvious’ link from your Blissful Kids website over to this one?

When I do some basic internet searches, from a potential vistor perspective on the sort of terms I would be using, your Blissful Kids site comes up heaps on the first page – but the Kids Party Place one doesn’t – by having strong links between the sites you might capture more of a web audience… and/or working on SEO on the Kids Party Place site?

Other than Internet related stuff – Could you give a stack of flyers to school holiday program organisers and the like or at after school care centres? Advertising on your car, if you don’t already have it so that you are promoting the business everywhere you go?

I am certainly not a marketing guru – but hope this helps… just trying to think of what I would do in your shoes.