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Great thread,

I personally use Alibaba as a yellowpages for china and then when i visit China i check in on the supplier to verify their existence..

This too has some issues, although i have not incurred this, that the person you are dealing with is actually an agent and not the manufacturer although they will meet you at the factory and represent themselves as being the source… over time this tends to show itself though…

Its all about caution, if its too good to be true it sometimes is just that. Do your due diligence, check how long it takes to reply, check the email address, google map it (good luck as not that easy at all times), call the factory, ask for photos of products and see how long to respond (do this with multiple products to check on the backgrounds etc)… and the list goes on…

Enjoy it though, its a huge learning experience and one that pay pay dividends…


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