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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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Every small business owner should become familiar with alan weiss’s material. he does not just teach consulting. he teaches business acumen which most self employed people lack.

His million dollar consulting college homestudy will produce higher returns with less effort than any franchise or license out there.

I would recommend any potential MBA to do this course first, put it into action and send the bill to the clients.

the biggest take away from this article is the following:

A really successful sales meeting, which is how any independent consultant should look at interviews, has the prospect talking for roughly 80% of the time, while you speak for no more than 20%. How do you do that? To avoid a lot of awkward silences, you must ask the right questions.

Warren Cottis, post: 119218 wrote:
James Millar alluded to it and I recommend you read Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weiss.

There you will find that the situation of a prospective client calling you with a known daily rate is the last situation you want to be in.

I think the article is flawed because of that proposition.