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Rising Tide
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D, post: 121117 wrote:
Hi All thanks for your advise.

The guy who was doing my website has done a horrendous job and I am very upset about it.

I have wasted my 4 weeks on this and now I am looking for a professional who can take this over and help me with it.

I would appreciate if someone can give me a buzz or just email me.
My no is 0430464009 and email is [email protected].

Looking forward to hearing from you all.



Sorry to hear about your woes. It must be quite frustrating.

It was very interesting reading this thread and coming to your final post asking for assistance.

I’m interested to know what advice you’d give someone asking the same question you asked when you started this thread and how would you do it differently? What costs would you dedicate to paying someone who gave you pain-free and reliable service?

I hope you’re getting on top of this now!