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MAli, post: 119643 wrote:
I’m actually in this process right now as I don’t have much of a budget. I’ve looked around and I’ve found wix.com. They have templates and you simply customise through dropping and dragging. They also have prices in AUD which is important.
Boy, please stay away from wix.com, seriously. There’s a lot more to a good, effective website than picking a template and adding some content. There are other low cost ways to get yourself a website that offer far better results than wix.

While not a huge fan of wordpress templates, I appreciate that some small businesses find it hard to afford 2k+ for a website when first starting out, so have used a customised template for a handful of clients. What I always advise though is that if you’re going to use a developer to customise the template to cater for your branding …etc, then find a good developer first and have them select or recommend a template. As has been said before, not all wordpress templates are created equal. Some are well built, allowing for fairly pain free customisation of a range of elements. However others (and I would say probably the majority) are very badly built, and customisation can often be as time consuming, or more so, than creating a theme from scratch.