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Ditto to what the others said, but have a few points I would like to address.

The main banner / sign up form area is not being utilised as well as it could be. This is prime real estate on a website. Why the rotating images? I can’t really even make sense to what they are on about. The image is not clear and by the time you start reading the text it changes!

The sign up form doesn’t need to be actually on the landing page, people don’t mind clicking a button to sign up. Again it’s taking up valuable real estate. The message should be incorporated in to one main banner, with a giant sign up and see features button.

The features are hidden down at the bottom of the page, much better to highlight the main features in the above banner, then provide a link to see all the features. This space could be used better with the video from your home page.

Your eyes needs to focus on one element – in my option it should be the banner – at the moment there is too much going on. The LP looks kinda squashed into the boxes, unlike your home page.

The main tagline ‘Be part of the exclusive group to help Australian small businesses’ does not sound quite right. The grammar needs to be looked at, and I would remove to full caps as research has shown that users process information faster when it’s not all in full caps. In fact, I would remove it totally and simply incorporate into the main banner!

I’m not a huge fan of LP’s that break from the rest of the site’s design, a good website LP will still have the same style and feel and the same navigation buttons as the rest of the site.

Good luck!

[EDIT] I just signed up and there is not space for Web Design, which I think should be included.

Also, after signing up you say that you can start browsing the site, which is not really true as the sites not up yet.