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Evo the marketing guy
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If you want the Masterchef grand final, $45,000 per 30 seconds…

I’ve only got access to some older rate cards, but think $2000-$30,000 per 30 seconds for national coverage.

Naturally, the less eyeballs, the cheaper the ads. Much cheaper options exist on the digital channels.

You can get a basic package for sub-$20,000 but you’d be flashing around at odd hours of the day.

If you have some money, and a really strong call to action, radio can do amazing things. Cheaper, and you can really segment your market based on listeners. As with any above the line advertising, test in a small area first as your dollars will be flying out the door…

There are lots of small business success stories via radio.

Best example local (victorian) I can think of is the ‘hello, hello’ catch-cry for the Wombat Gully Plant farm. These guys took a dull plant farm to the next level with annoying ads.