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Aidan, post: 119392 wrote:
Hi Wendy – you are right about the extra snippet its a ‘comment out’ just get rid of it to activate the h1 properly.

you definitely only want one title tag per page, there should not be one in a footer, it should be in your header meta area only.

Thanks Aidan. I will speak to the developers about the “comment out’, I thought it looked odd.

I think I was wrong about the title tags being on the footer/header. I don’t think they are title tags at all, for example Home

However I have noticed that the pages have the normal title tag, for example Sports Socks, Mens Sport Socks For Men, Humphrey Law Socks

Then they have another without any text, for example

Do you think that is what Bing Webmaster Tools is picking up as “multiple title tags”?