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David@Verve Recruitment, post: 121828 wrote:
Just a thought…

Perhaps you could ask people during their stay, when they’re enjoying it the most, to write a review.

Sow the seeds…

There’s no harm in asking anyhow, and ur asking will be more potent at the point of them enjoying themselves, than at a later point where they may be coming to terms with their credit card bills, or whatever emotional or finanical issues they’ve since faced.

Strike early, even if the iron is warm.

Thanks David for your idea!
Most of our clients are visitors and it seems that they have no time to write review because they will spend all their time for their trip, it is hard for them to sit at the computer and write review!
In addition, if visitors are still in Vietnam and if they write review here, Tripadvisor in this case, will suspect the review and will not publish it soon, then my clients have to contact Tripadvisor for their checking! This will cause inconvenience for my clients!
I did contact with clients during the trip and all of them promise to write review when they are home or when they have time…. but if they did, I will not be here asking this question :-))