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mja1906, post: 121832 wrote:
Darian, I am in the same boat , our trips and destination are ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of trips so most do not return, so its difficult to offer an incentive for a next visit.

and I agree, its very much an emotive thing, I think people will write a review if they really want to (although a reminder, and making it easier by providing a link) certainly help this course. Interestingly, most of our reviews are written by females!

Here’s a brainstorm idea….we normally take pics/video during our tours and give a copy to clients at the end of the trip. Perhaps we should hold off doing this, and post it to them instead. This way, if they know there are is a dvd with holiday pics in the pipeline, it might give them that extra encouragement to write a review? Or is that too sneaky? :)

A good idea, Mja1906!
I think instead of sending the DVD by post, you can put the photos online where only that clients can view, download… and you can mention in the photo album something like “We had opportunity to take these photos for you. They are your memory with us, you can download it or use it on your own purpose, or you can also share it with other travelers online at: [Tripadvisor listing link]”. I think when they go online, there will be more chance to click on the link and share than receiving the photos by post!
What do you think about this?

For me, most of the reviews that I got are from men and these men wrote review for me when I did not ask them! Maybe because I am man and you are a woman lolz :-)))