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JamesMillar, post: 119844 wrote:
I’m a bit iffy about advertising revenue supported business models. Some have made very large successful businesses from it but most are spending lots of time genering traffic with pretty low returns.

Be interested to know how many on this forum are actually generating decent money from advertising revenue models.

Hi James,

Getting a high traffic website is good but I think it depends on what type of traffic you’re getting and from what geographic location.

When you think about a television station like Channel 9 that gets 3 millions viewers for a show like Underbelly or Howzat and they’re able to make a tidy profit, even though YouTube Content Partners can get 6 million views but barely survive since their viewership is spread out across the world so would be hard for an advertiser to target geographically.

From what I’ve seen, if you have a targeted audience (like for example, those looking to go into the stock market – like a stock market forum or something) and they’re in a specific geography (Australian stock market forum) you’re on to a winner. I mean you combine that with someone who has a good product and you can JV the hell out of it.