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Uncomplicating, post: 120465 wrote:
For MS, the big black cloud they were under may well have a very silver lining.

They were slow to spot the tablet potential, but not being a player in the game has allowed them to regroup and reconsider their strategy.

No one thus far has really supported day to day computing on tablets. It’s generally, games, internet and commercial apps. All good stuff for sure, but no use for SME.

Developing for Apple products is monstrous for small IT departments. First they need to get to grips with Objective C, which is a monster if it’s not your background, and secondly you have to get past the Apple Appstore Stasi just to get you app out there.

And Android isn’t much better. Getting in the store might be easier, but you’ve gotta learn Java, and like Objective C, if you’re not from the world it’s a disaster waiting to happen. There were countless Java “rewrites” back in the late 90s that were nothing other than money pits.

Windows 8 will change all that. MS has had to be grown up and pull the plug on a couple of things, but Win 8 will make the world of tablet apps much more achievable.

IF!!!! MS can get Win 8 right, and the signs are good, they will corner the corporate market. And while Apple rule the school currently, we must bear in mind that most tablets have a battery life of about 3 years and many will be replaced with the latest and greatest.

It will be interesting to see how many home users replace their tiring iPad with a new Windows tablet this Christmas.

Yes getting apps on the Apple store can be a real problem and learning Obj-C is no fun. Android is better and java does present some problems if you don’t know it. But MS is just as bad, you have to know .NET and C# is based on java and c++ and how many different versions of WIN 8 will we have to work with?

MS always seem to be late to the market, look at their efforts with the Internet and web browsers.

And before any one asks No I am not anti MS.