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Hi Danielle

Well done, I really like the freshness of the website, it feels warm and well without being to corny, Rich! The colours mixed on white are really nice.

I would say as a tip, look at that value you have with the website and promote it, sell it, get people looking at it. What you are doing here on FS is great for that. If you havent already, add the signature to your posts and extend the web chat you are doing to get known, in addition to FB and other social medias like Twitter. Look at YouTube and get you voice and face out there too.

SEO is key if the web is your major focus of marketing. Read and learn about the elements of SEO, There is much you can do on your own. Now, yes it will take time and often without seeing results for a while but it will be worth it as you learn and succeed in SEO. Here is a link that may get you started, written by an associate web programmer and SEO expert, http://www.thesimpleseoguide.com/

Think about the possible enhancements of your site like using the Click To Call service or adding a 1300 Number to your contacts. These can enhance traffic interaction and perceptions and can be done with little cost increases to you. We can help with any information needed.

And then I guess leg work, get those brochures out there. Carry business cards with you and promote you wherever you are. Handing out cards and cards, doing the leg work and meeting people. This will create a relationship and emotional content to your brand which appears very important to your industry given the personal nature of the skin care business model.

Good luck and enjoy the expansion, it sounds like you are well on your way!