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Tony Pfitzner
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RICH Skincare, post: 120609 wrote:
Does anyone have suggestions on low-cost ways to promote a skincare business?

Hi Danielle

There are few effective and low cost ways to promote a business – you need to invest time and money in marketing.

One thing you must do on your website is promote the benefits rather than just the ingredients of your skin care range, As its your own range you may well have some expertise as to the formulation, and you should promote the benefits/ philosophy behind it in more depth.

You also need to develop product specific pages on your site which describe the benefits in more detail than the cart. Where you can – write stories. These can become landing pages for pay per click – Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing. Despite the competition in this market and relatively low unit sale values, there will be pay per click keywords that are profitable for you. You should also develop ads on Google’s placement network.

You can also use the pay per click data to improve sales by working out exactly what people are looking for and targeting it precisely

Use your blog posts -as you have started doing – and embedded video etc to improve search rankings.

Pay per click marketing is not cheap, but once you get on top of it it will deliver a continual stream of reliable sales. Social media is really just dabbling at the edges.