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David@Verve Recruitment
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miamiheat, post: 120705 wrote:
Hi there, hoping you can help me out with some feedback for an idea I have.

1/ If your favourite restaurant had an offer stating “kids eat free with every full paying adult”, would you use that voucher?

2/ Would you pay $1 for that voucher? (so that you go to that restaurant, show the voucher, and pay the amount for your meals minus whatever the voucher entitled you to?)

3/ Do you find that there are so many group buying sites that the choice is overwhelming, but when you are actually looking for eg. a dinner to suit XYZ criteria, nothing much matches?

Thanks very much all those who respond.

1) Yes, if I had kids

2) Why not, it’s a bargain

3) Probably, if you were to spend the time looking for them

My advice, promote what’s good for you, and what you feel is good for the customer. The customer doesn’t need to get the best deal of the century each and every time, and if they do, they’re not you’re type of customer. And if they are your type of customer you probably won’t be in business for very long.

Offer a great deal in the first place. One that works for you, and the customer. If not just join the ranks of the rest of them.