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Factor it into your daily timetable. You are your own boss and you know what time constraints you have. Ray had the right idea. I had 5 children at home in the early days of my business. I had to pick them up from school or run them to clubs, medical appointments, classes and all sorts of things. I simply blocked that time out in my diary and allowed for it when booking in work for clients. My husband worked away from home so there was no choice. But the reason I chose to start working from home was so I would be available to our girls when they had need.

I know lots of mothers of young babies who are running businesses from home too. They simply factor in the time they need to do regular activities with their babies, toddlers and children and work around it. You have the ability to do that – even with deadlines. You simply need to factor in the regular activities you will be called upon and work around those things.