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Hi Jacqui

Yes, it’s a tough question for most of us to answer!! I like to put it this way:

What would the situation look like where you can sit back, let out a big sigh of relief and say to yourself “This is the ideal spot I wanted to be in when I started out.”?

For me, it involves being able to spend time with my son, have an income that provides for me now and into the future, and have a business (or businesses!) that feed not only my body but also my soul – so it needs to be something that nurtures my creative side, my philosophical side, my philanthropic side AND my physical needs.

I’m well on the way to meeting those goals – though there are quite a few years of hard work ahead of me yet before I can sit back, relax, let out my big sigh of relief and say “This is the ideal.”

So, answer that one – what does your perfect situation look like?

Cheers, and thanks for your response.