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Bob Ansett* once said

“We are in the business to create a customer then satisfy the needs of that customer.

To succeed with this objective, it means running the business to suit the customer.

Every product, policy, system and service needs to be predicated on this principle”

It’s all about how you run your business and this is based on your business values and goals. McDonalds have always served a customer need with ‘convenience, price and speed’ That’s their Brand and it’s based on a fairly well thought out set of values and goals.

The hairdresser model that Spinninghill talked about is an interesting one. What the first Hairdresser was doing was using some pretty standard up-selling and data gathering techniques. They are paying attention to building their busines with a focus on Their Business and the customer has been lost along the way.

When you focus on the customer and build an emotional connection with them all the other stuff happens almost automatically. They become happy to give you their details when they book an appointment, they don’t mind spending just a little extra because they perceive so much more value for their dollar, they tell other people about their good experience with you and they become loyal return customers.

We all have our bad customer experiences – you can bet few of us go back for a second try! And we even will act on the hearsay of others. That’s why I reckon the most important thing you can do is be deliberate about your business values and goals and develop them with the customer in mind. In the end, what the customer Thinks, Feels, and Believes about you has a tremendous impact on their decision to do business with you!

* Oh, I once used this Bob Ansett quote to someone who was young enough not to know about his amazing business philosophy and creation of the powerful customer based model he used in Budget Rent-A-Car. Sadly, they remembered his family association with the collapse of Ansett Airlines. If you are not familiar with his story, you can read about it on his website. http://www.bobansett.com.au

Have a great weekend folks!