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You’ll also need an accounting programme that links in to all that. Otherwise you just shift the record-keeping task to another level and still be doing double-entry of the figures.

For POS have a look at http://www.saasu.com/pos/ and then talk to a Saasu partner in your area about adding a suitable CRM for a retail business. You may find that most of what’s available is overkill for the scale of the business and/or impossible to maintain when busy.

My suggestion would be to record what you can about who buys what manually at first (on a clipboard by the register, for example). Initially, you’ll only get to know people’s names if they pay with a credit/debit card, but you’ll soon recognize the regular customers well enough to ask their name if they are paying with cash. Then you can think about offering some kind of customer loyalty card.

However, be prepared for many customers who would prefer not to have you track their purchases. No software will be as good as your personal interaction with your customers. Better to spend time and energy giving the best possible service than being distracted by the task of recording who made each and every purchase.