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Paul Roussell
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Hi Andrea

We can help. We are the only Zoho CRM reseller based in SE Queensland (just near the Story Bridge). I have over 15 years’ experience in implementing a number of CRM systems, so if Zoho is not the best solution for you, I can advise on others.

Paul Roussell
The Integrators

AndreaF, post: 120991 wrote:
Hi everyone!
I’ve just bought a business that has hundreds of advertising client files. They are literally in several plastic boxes from Bunnings! We also have the basic client information on an Access database (I’m by no means a competant Access user). The hard copy files have handwritten notes and other bits and pieces of useful client info.
I’ve recruited a new Accounts Manager who will be working from home, which is 200km from my office, but we’ll get together once a week.
What I would like is some sort of CRM system, probably with a cloud base, where the client info can be stored and shared and the AM can share data with me on workflow and day-to-day operations and performance. Clearly nothing fancy as there is only 2 of us, possibly another sales rep later down the track and I don’t want to pay for licences I won’t use.
We’re based on Sunshine Coast/Gold Coast/Brisbane, so if any FS member would like to build, sell, instruct me into a system I’d be most grateful.