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David@Verve Recruitment, post: 121823 wrote:
Perhaps I should learn not to comment, however until then…

I’m not questioning the importance of negotiation, or your ability at the process, however I do object to the assertation that negotiation is always the prefered method of doing business. Sure, I’m adept at haggling, and to an extent I enjoy the process, but at the same time i’d much rather be offered (and offer) a service / product that I find it hard to say no to in the first place.

Negotiation seems to me a process to reduce an over priced product / service to (at best) a well priced service.

To make things easier for our clients, and ourselves, we offer what we feel is the best value service of its kind in Australia, in the first instance. No need for haggling. We’re open to offers, but they’d have to be exceptionally good for us to improve on our initial offering which we’ve offered in the first instance in order to be shockingly good. In effect we can’t justify haggling because we’ve already offered the best deal in Australia.

Dump haggling. Deal with the best service providers. Support them and get the best ongoing service you could desire. Seems the best way to me.

Also, and I don’t wish to be mean, but it does stike me that that’s the general direction of the economy – both consumer and corporate. People want to be offered the best deal upfront, and will simply say no to over-priced offerings, and thereby choose not to enter into any negotiation process.

We’re busy. Give us the best deal, or goodbye.I don’t think he mentioned ‘haggling’ for the service / product price. There are a lot of other situations where negotiation skills are important. The price is the price.

Best value is a fluid concept, and should never be confused with the cheapest. Especially is the service entry. People who think good value mean cheap, and I have had a few Clint’s like that, are more than welcome to go with the cheap price. You get what you pay for.