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Khalid Adam, post: 121920 wrote:
negotiation isn’t always about price. Often, it’s about terms and conditions and that’s where the greatest leverage lies.

Here’s an extreme example. What if you were negotiating on an investment property and the seller didn’t want to budge on the price but was happy to offer an option that could be exercised within 5 years?

if you knew that the price was going to go up 30% in the next 3 years, the price now sounds like a good deal. you could flip it for a profit before settling on it.

or how about negotiating the lease on a medical centre that only operated business hours? What if you could secure the right to sublease at the same price? you organise two sub leases. one for a day clinic and the other for a night clinic. you’ve just doubled your revenue.

I’ve really enjoyed studying the works of conrad levinson, roger dawson, gerry spence, david saunders and the likes. turned out be really useful during my time in real estate as a fresh uni graduate with very little sales experience.

G’day Khalid

Your examples are great stories of thinking beyond a linear approach to negotiating. And I thank you for the references. I love reading and will check out Levinson, Spence and Saunders.

Are you still in real Estate ?