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Steve – Adoria Photo
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For my wife’s photography business, she has mostly been keeping the prices off the website to avoid attracting the type of client who is solely shopping based on lowest price. I feel It is far better to attract clients with an interest in her style and and an appreciation for the quality of her work than price alone.

I’m not totally convinced that publishing pricing is the best thing but I feel there needs to be some kind of “call to action” for those that have taken the time to check out the website.

This month Adoria photography is getting a little free magazine exposure for a teen fashion shoot published in a local magazine (Hills Alive). To leverage any extra traffic visiting the website we will trial putting pricing in our blog for a family portrait special deal for locals who “like” the Adoria Photography Facebook page. If this works out well we may continue occasionally doing this for a few paid magazine ads throughout the year when we have offers to promote.
A major goal for this year is to connect with families in the local area and introduce them to Michelle’s service. Any thoughts/advice from others using this approach would be appreciated.

Cheers, Steve