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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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dont waste your time talking to struggling businesses. nothing wrong with taking a step back to take two step forwards.

you’ve been struggling all your life. sorry to say but that’s not business. we sometimes make the mistake of confusing years with experience. two different things altogether.

get a job and clear your head. then go do a course on business growth strategies.

most struggle because they don’t understand the changes in consumer behaviour since the GFC. i say consumer but mean people in general including b2b.

once you learn how to connect and engage with prospects in the new economy, go and test it out for other businesses and make a deal where you get a good slice. get them to invest in the outlays. they will be happy to trial.

when you start producing results, talk about getting a share of the business by out of the increased profits if you dont have cash.

never walk away. just stop to think and reflect. if you’d like to have a chat (no charge), just pm with your number. just understand that your 20 yrs has not exactly been a waste.