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Thanks to you all…great advice and ideas.

Our main problem is that our cash flow is sporadic and our client base is too limited to maintain any kind of cash flow when times are slow as they are now. As with any business, our ever increasing outgoings don’t afford us the luxury of periods of time without income. And we have no savings…they were all spent in last years downturn!

The business still has potential and I still have the passion, I just need some kind of regulated cash flow either by getting a job to work alongside the business, or to embrace the other perhaps unseen opportunities my business has in front of it. Feeling yourself going broke means it is hard to focus on anything. The pressure at the moment on me, my family and the business is intense to say the least…and keeping your head clear is next to impossible.

I think I have some excellent ideas. But they will all cost time and money and getting opportunities off the ground doesnt fix the immediate problem of lack of cash, anyway. We need a solution now and I think that will come in the form of a nightshift job while maintaining and repairing/mproving the business the best I can.

I know it will be hard, but I am also aware I wouldn’t be the first one to have more than one job to keep the family home !!

And there are jobs out there…perhaps the answer is not to be too choosy.

Again, thanks for your responses.