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Hi there,

There are a lot of companies out there that can help with the formula for these sorts of products, as well as packaging, labelling and the like. A super quick Internet search found several companies in Australia offering these services:


You would need to also consider whether or not your products need to be registered as ‘therapeutic goods’ – see http://www.tga.gov.au. The right contract manufacturing company though should be able to help you from start to finish with your products though, helping with research and development and ensuring the goods comply with any requirements etc.

Some of these companies may also assist in bringing the product to market. If not though, other professionals can help you to promote the product and distribute it. As to getting pictures and success stories up – I know a couple of bigger brands in the weight loss field run ads and similar on TV where they have customers talk about how much weight they have lost etc, and offer a free trial to the first X number of callers etc. This seems to be a fairly popular way to promote this type of product.

The “problem” I suppose though, is that to have these sorts of products researched, developed and packaged for you is probably going to cost a bit of money. There are requirements for the product itself, but also labelling requirements etc, plus consumer protection laws that would need to be complied with. I would make some general enquiries with various manufacturing companies, like those at the links above and start collecting some quotes and information to help determine how viable the idea is.

Hope the above helps at least with a couple of starting places. All the best,