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Hi HappyGirl,

If your ACN/ABN are both changing, this suggests you are actually setting up a new ‘entity’ of some form? If so, I would suggest that existing clients are informed of the new details. A lot of people will have put your ‘current’ details into their accounts systems and may not even notice a new entity name or number on future correspondence.

I’m honestly not certain whether you are legally required to notify them of not, but if you are sending out communication about new bank details anyway, can’t hurt to include any other ‘new’ info they may need to know… could keep things a lot ‘cleaner’ for your clients in the future… otherwise, they might keep paying (according to their records) a particular entity with a particular ABN only to realise down the track that these actually changed at some point in time and then they would have the tedious task of having to go back through records and fix up etc. They may not be too pleased to have not been notified in that situation.