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Having worked in sales for many years, if you are looking for good quality, you need to get minimum wage out of your head. A good sales exec would expect a minimum base of $60k (depending on location, but at least in Brisbane – add up to 20% for Melbourne and Sydney). They would usually expect a company car or allowance, phone and laptop. They would expect an OTE of around $120k. Anything less and you are not really competing.

If you are hoping to get someone on retainer/commission only, you will be looking at either lower skilled sales people/no experience at all, or those that are expecting to make $200K plus for their risk of no guaranteed income.

Also, working from home is definitely territory you want to avoid for those that do not have extensive sales experience, as they will just not have the drive to make it work.

Are there any other channels open to you, wholesaling for example, that might provide a lower risk option for you?