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Seems a pickle I see often.

You can try angel investors, but right now the big hype is ‘Anytime Fitness’ from the US and they are growing disturbingly fast, your alternative with growth reports is trying and goto a financial institution to raise the funds, or an area (where most people don’t relise this) to try and raise funds from businesses in your industry, there may be a supplement shop looking to start up a gym but don’t have the funds for it, but they may be able to inject. Lateral thinking is needed here.

And be clear in what your offering, if your company is worth $100k, don’t tell investors that a 10% share will cost them $300k, for 10% its only worth $10k. Make sure your keep this clear on bringing investors on board and which direction you take it upon them, investors are very surgical with start-ups.

I can actually help with funding in most areas, but depending on how much is another, we don’t usually invest/inject finance anything below $800k.

We can get the funding, if everything is approved but it comes down to interest rates, it may be 17% or even bank matched, but its cheaper then giving 50% away to an investor?

Banks are very reluctant on financing off a business plan, they want the security, best type of banks to try are actually Westpac and ANZ only though.