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Shane Walker
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Hi Magdalena!

On-page SEO can be a little daunting especially when you’re just starting out. With respect to your concern, I am assuming that you have done the correct keyword research and you already know what it is that you want to optimise. The next important thing is to have your keywords in your page title and meta description. If ever possible, place it in your h1 header pertaining to a particular page that you want to rank for.

If you haven’t done any proper keyword research, I suggest you use “Market Samurai”. It is a free downloadable tool that will give you an idea about the density, value, and competition within a particular keyword. Don’t just go with a keyword search number without checking the strength of the competition. It’s got nothing to do with how many people are competing. What you have to focus in analyzing is the strength of the top 10 leaders in your desired keyword.

If you got further questions or anything that you want to know, contact me at http://rapidseoexpert.com.au/.