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My Wedding Concierge, post: 122075 wrote:
I’m sure many of you saw the segment last night on how easy it is to have an app designed. It was a really interested piece and I’m sure will inspire many people to have a go which is excellent.

However in watching the segment. the sticking point for me is exactly how to go about locating an off-shore app developer to help create the App, without getting ripped off sending money to some dodgy scam artist.

I think it would be great to create an app or two, but personally I would need a very strong recommendation from somebody I trusted before sending money off-shore.


I was actually a little annoyed with that segment. They made it out like developing an app was “so easy anybody can do it”, but the fact is it still needs to be coded, and with programming you get what you pay for.

If you’re after a simple application that’s nothing complex, you can find many off-shore developers through sites like oDesk or Elance. Though I really do have to recommend finding an established development agency for anything beyond the realm of fart apps and “flip a coin” games like the one presented last night.

Yes, it will cost considerably more to work with an agency or experienced freelancer, but their expertise is definitely worth the money. Programming, though generally a geeky pursuit, is an art and like any skill there will be people who are better at it than others. In my experience, off-shore developers are cheap but are not exceptional coders.

Hope that helps!